Sri Lanka Week 1

10th of July                                                                                                                                                 2011

Anu, our guide picked us up from the airport in his van.  and the second we came outside I saw a yellow-billed babbler!

We drove for about 5 minutes and out of  the window I saw a                      greater racket-tailed drongo sitting in a palm tree.

We were almost at the hotel and I saw a white-throated kingfisher on a dead branch.

We went outside the van to look at the white-throated kingfisher.

After 2 minutes  we saw a second white-throated kingfisher sitting on a electric wire, and then I alsow discovered a red-wattled lapwing walking on the grass, a white-breasted waterhen walking away  and a common myna sitting on a dead palm tree.

We came at our hotel “Lagoon paradise” in the wetlands on the east side of the island,  we saw another common myna.

The owner of the hotel gave us jong green coconuts, they said that when it’s jong it’s water and good to drink, when it’s old it’s good to eat.

After putting everything in our room papa and I went to the swimming pool

to splash each other.

While we were splashing each other alexandrine parakeets were flying above us.

In the lagoon we saw roosting little comorants and one great egret.

At 7:00 p.m, it got dark.


11th of July


Papa and Nuriye woke me up at 6:00 am

Because they heard lots of birds tweeting.

I quick dressed and took my camera and my binoculars and we went outside.

We went to the waterside and we ride away saw fishing great egrets, little egrets, our first 3 intermediate egrets (!), and some little cormorants.

I went to the room and saw a greater coucal sitting in between the crows!

After a good breakfast I saw a pair of white-throated flowerpeckers in a little tree playing and tweeting

At 8:00 am Anu picked us up by boat because we were going  on a boat ride through the river and the Dutch canals.

to go to the river you first need to cross the lagoon, which is where we saw lots of egrets.

The river

We had a warm welcom by a brahminy kite showing high in the sky.

Also a white-breasted waterhen 2 red-wattled lapwing’s and 3 blackwinged-stilt’s showed wel on a sandbank.

It was also very cool to see the big monkey family sitting in the tree’s looking at us.

Then we were lucky, a striated heron was showing great about 5 meters away from us.

a white-bellied fish eagle showed in a tree not so far away.

An the way we saw lots of water lizards which we could get very close to.

Above us flue an asian openbill.

Also lots of purple swamp-hen’s showed well.

At the end of the river we saw a specie that was very rare in that river cold the spotted dove.

The dutch canals

there we also had a warm welcome by another striated heron that was luckily showing very well.

We were quiet for a second then we so a rose-ringed parakeet coming out of here nest in the palm tree(!).

After that we saw a shikra also in the palm tree’s

We saw an white-bellied drongo far away.

At the and of the trip I  saw a common kingfisher flying away

On the way back we saw a whiskered tern sitting on some dead branches.

Anu brought us to Colombo to eat and underway we saw 2 spot-billed pelican’s!


12th of July


Papa and Nuriye were very sleepy and stays in bed for a while  in the morning,

So I went for a walk around the hotel with Anu.

I went outside and the first thing I saw was a crested serpent eagle!

(it is very special that it was so close to us because it always hides and lives in the forests and now it was in the hotel garden!)

We saw a asian koel flying away, a pair of purple-rumped sunbirds and 2 white-throated kingfishers.

In the afternoon we went to our hotel in kandy and underway we saw lots of birds, a red- vented bulbul on the wires, lots of white-throated kingfishers, egrets, and 2 Indian pond herons.

We arrived in our little hotel  in the middle of the jungle, there are no tourists at al, we are the only gasts, the people are friendly


13th of July


We had some Sri Lankan breakfast(which is really big).

After breakfast I went for a walk with Anu up the hill and we saw lots of things.

Under way we saw 2 kinds of sunbirds.

Also lots of yellow-billed babblers, even feeding each other

When we were walking for about 10 minutes, and then we saw a black-hooded oriole in a tree not so far away but not even 2 seconds later we saw a big bird flying in a tree close to us, I looked through my binoculars and this was a great moment for me, it was my first endemic, the Sri Lanka grey hornbill!!!

When we were at the end of our walk we saw a emerald dove fly away.

When we were back at the hotel we saw a liguana very close to us and 1 common tailorbird  hopsing in a big tree.

After that I made a walk with papa to the village and we saw a oriental magpie robin on the terras of a small house.

Also lots of monkeys we haven’t seen before, I told papa about the hornbill and he got jalous at me.

When I went back to the room I saw an other liguana.

Papa and Nuriye are having a massage.


14th of July


last night one of the 6 dog was sleeping in my room.

We woke up at 6:00 o’clock in the morning and went for a walk to see a temple.

Underway we saw some black-hooded oriole’s.

the second thing we saw was our second endemic, 2 Sri Lankan hanging parrot’s eating some big fruits!

When we came close to the village we saw some oriental magpie robins.

At the temple we saw monkeys sitting on the roof of the temple!

In the temple we saw people meditating, didn’t like it so I went out but papa said I needed to came in again, they like that very much because they almost never have white people there and everybody wanted to see us as much as possible(al villagers want that for the same reason).

Today is a national holiday and this is why there were so many children and grandmas all dresses in white.

When they were leaving the temple they meat Nuriye and one by one they all kisses her and touched her and hugs.

After that we went inside where kids were and there again Nuriye tickled and kissed every child one by one.

They asked us to have a little meal with them and we all eat rice and curry.

They eat with hands but for us they gave spoons.

after that we went back to the hotel.

From the hotel we went to Kandy to see the temple.

They were first checking if we had any explosives, after that we needed to take our shoes of.

On the way to Kandy we saw our 3d Indian pond heron about 1 meter away from us.

Local people don’t need to pay but we are foreigners and needed to pay 1000 roopies entrance fee per person and we didn’t have enough cash so we went to walk around the park next to the temple, we saw a elephant(not wild) that was piecing(about 10 liters)and pooping(about 50 kilos)at the same time!

His zoom lens (penis) was the size of my leg!(very impressive)

After that we went back to the hotel.

On the way back we saw a guy that was selling Sri Lankan styled bird posters, papa bought me one.

Although we were tired we wanted to go see the waterfall that was not far from our hotel.

We didn’t want to go earlier because we were afraid of leeches,but we went while Nuriye was sleeping.

An old guy came with us to the waterfall because the road to the waterfall  went trough the jungle, water, rocks and for in case of leeches of corse.

It took a while to get there but when we were there we were reworded by a nice, naturally, fresh water with no dangers in the water plus a nice waterfall of corse.

Because the guy that took us there had only a few teeth Papa gave him a nickname, toothless(the dragon in the movie how to train your dragon is cold like that).

When we were done swimming we went back and when we were halfway trough the jungle we saw a big eagle flying very close to us for a second.

When back in our hotel room I saw my first 2 hill myna’s, and 2 little shrikes.

When we went to eat our kook was kooking in front of us.



15th of July


We woke up at 6:30 to take the train from Kandy to Nanu-oya.

We were a little bit late so we were driving like maniacs.

When we were at the train station we were right on time.

Anu drove to the same place we were going by train and he took our baggage.

The train looked disgusting, smelled disgusting, and was disgusting.

At the back people were making music and dancing.

We were squeezed like sardines, in every wagon were about 18 places to sit but about 30 people!

Fortunately we found a place next to the door so we had some wind(it’s very hot in the train).

The train wasn’t going faster then 50 kilometers per our.

I was hanging outside the train in the wind and that is about the best place in the train.

I saw one red-rumped swallow flying almost the same speed as the train.

When we were at Nanu-oya we went to a restaurant for lunch cold “grand Indian”.

It looked good but the food was not delicious at all.

We ordered a lot of Indian bread with garlic and butter.

We ate all of them in 5 minutes.

After the lunch we got the bill and a paper that you were suppost to fill in  and say how you found the service and stuff like that.

I put average everywhere except at the ambiance I put good and at choice of beverage(drinks) I put poor(they only had 5 kind of drinks, horrible).

After that we went looking for a hotel to stay.

Nothing was good enough for papa and in the places he did like were moskietos(Arabs)

After lots of places to stay papa finally chose which hotel he wanted.

That was 2 hours away from the city.


16th of July


We slept till 7:00 am for a change.

At breakfast I saw a Asian paradise flycatcher flying.

At 7:30 am we went to the tea plantations.

Next to one of the tea plantations was a poor village with lots of kids.

The kids were walking with us and they all wanted to look through my binoculars.

One of the kids gave me his one bracelet(I am still wearing it)

One woman was making her clothes blue with some kind of water.

One man invited us in to his house,he wanted to serve tea but we didn’t want. His wife gave us three bananas, they were small but delicious.

Children wanted to show us a good place we didn’t go because it was so far away, we changed our road.

I asked them are they going to school or not.

They are all going to school, some children were talking better english than adults.

when we whent back to the van we saw our first woodpecker, the greater flameback!

We left the this little Indian Village with good feelings.

we went back for packing and we would see the little Adams peek.

We walked up the stairs more than two km.

After that we started to new journey to our new place cold Tisa.

on our way to Tisa we stopt next to a lake to refresh for a second.

The first thing we saw was a Indian peacock hen.

When papa and I started our walk we saw a pair of little green bee-eater!

Lots of purple herons and our first pheasant-tailed jacana.

We saw buffalo’s swimming in the water.

We slept in an hotel called “my village”

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