New York 2011

New York journal

22d of October                                                                                                                 2011

Papa woke me up at 7:00 and we took a shower and had breakfast (scrambled egg).

After that Maxim(we where staying at his apartment for a week) went to work and papa and I went outside to the Wall street, papa told me everything about it.

We came to the subway station and went into a metro, went out at another subway station and from that subway station we went to a train station.

We went into the train and after a while a female conductor was passing by, she really had a character! About half an hour before we got out the female conductor said through the whole train: ” for everybody that doesn’t know where Poughkeepsie  is, walk to the back of the train and you’ll meet a female conductor that will tell you where it is.

When we after sitting in the train for 1:30 hours we finally went out at breakneck ridge. Well … Let’s say we weren’t the only ones.

About three quarters of all the people in the train went out there!(80-100 people)We waited for about 10 minutes so the biggest crowd would be gone.

While waiting I saw my first northern mockingbird. Then we decided to go up.

It was a big, long and crowded clime to the top.

Papa said I went up like a cat because I went up very fast and handy by using little cliffs for my feet and lifted myself up with my hands.

When we reached the top, we saw a flag and a lot of people, plus we saw we weren’t at the top. We saw people even higher a little bit further. When we came to that top we saw we still weren’t at the top. At the fourth top I saw my first two turkey vultures. Well, in total we had that six times till we reached the extreme top.

When we where at the extreme top we were looking for the red trail with two other boys. We found the red path and went there, but after a while we didn’t see any signs anymore. We just made our own path through the woods.

It was very difficult to climb down without support, so I walked from tree to tree to hold myself onto something. Papa after a while did the same thing as I did, going from one tree to another. After a while papa was hanging on a small tree and the it got pulled out of the ground and that happened a few more times.

After maybe an hour we found the road and the boys went to their car (because  we couldn’t  see the the beginning of the trail the boys went back by taxi and we got picked up by Emma and Vitaly (my grandparents).

We went to their house and had some lunch because we only had an egg.

We ate chicken soup, pancakes with salmon or with jam.

I had some bread with caviar as well.

From there we went straight to Suzan’s house.

We talked a little bit and then went to the riverside park from 5:30 to 6:30 and I saw lots of cool birds right away.

It started with two Eastern phoebes sitting on a fence.

Because we were looking for a while I after a bit longer saw a group of three American robins.

On the ground a Wood thrush was moving.

On the way we saw a rat.

On the way back I saw my second Northern mockingbird and also my second rat.

Back at Suzan’s house we had dinner and we were too tired to go back to Maxim’s house so we slept there.

All birds I saw today:

Turkey vulture.              Kalkoengier.    6

Northern mockingbird                              2

American robin.                                          3

Eastern phoebe.                                         2ff,

23d f October

When papa and I were both awake Suzan was still sleeping.

So we had breakfast without Suzan and went to the central park(also without Suzan)

At the central park we saw lots of birds(and squirrels).

We saw savannah sparrows on the path, lots of ruby-crowned kinglets, song sparrows in the bush, at the water a group of ruddy ducks, lots of yellow-rumped warblers, after a while my first white-throated sparrow and lots of dark-eyed juncos.

When we were walking for a while papa saw two people behind us both with binoculars so papa asked: are you birders as wel?

And they said yes and the guy walked towards us and said that he was a professor in  ornithology so he gave me some birding tips.

On the way back I saw my first red-bellied woodpecker.

At Suzan’s house we were getting ready for my birthday party.

At Maxim’s house we dressed up and we went to the subway.

I had no idea were we where going.

Papa blindfolded me when we came out of the subway so I couldn’t see anything after like half an hour papa took the blindfold away from my eyes.

I saw grandpa, grandma, Maxim, Suzan, Olga, Hula and papa.

I saw that papa brought me to a amusement park!

We first went into the wonder wheel.

We went in a car that said swinging and I was like who cares, well I do!

Because as soon as we went in the car started swinging like crazy!

I was screaming so hard you could hear it on the other side of manhattan.

When we came to the floor again I was so happy because I thought we would go out but no, another circle.

But this time I wasn’t screaming.

After that lots of other things; we went in the bumper cars four times, throwing balls in the holes, hitting balloons with sharp darts, basically to many things to say.

Back at Maxim’s apartment Maxim and his parents and my grandparents had some thee, but I, papa and Suzan went down to the pool table that was below the ground.

Papa told me that that building was first the bank and they made apartments out of it, there was an old and real bank door were they keep the money behind(now the pool table is there)

After a night of pool I went to sleep.

All birds I saw today:

Savannah sparrow.

Ruby-crowned kinglet.

Song sparrow.

Ruddy duck

Yellow-rumped warbler.       10

White-throated sparrow.    5

Dark-eyed junco.

Red-bellied woodpecker.      1

24th of October

I woke up with the happy feeling it was my birthday.

I dressed up and went to the living room and papa and Maxim started singing.

After breakfast we went to the New York stock exchange because Maxim lives like next door to it.

The reason why we went there is to see how the the barricades moved away so the cars could pass.

Police where checking the cars that where passing with a dog(!)

When we were done watching we went to the subway heading to the Bronx Zoo.

My grandparents picked us up at the subway and we drove to the zoo but first we picked Suzan up(she was next to the zoo as well)

The reason we went to that particular zoo was because they had lots of bird departments.

But because it’s in the middle of a park I saw lots of wild birds as well.

There were to many (not wild) birds that I can’t tell you witch ones I saw.

We saw lots of American robins(wild).

We saw a blinking polar bear, lions and more.

When we were done looking at a tiger that came very close I spotted a blue jay!

When we were looking at some kind of antelope I saw a Cedar waxwing in a tree very close to us, at least, I thought it was one but when I had a clearer look I saw that it was a female northern cardinal!!

I almost bought the male northern cardinal as pet and now I get to see the female in the wild(the male is totally red with a little bit of black at the eye and the female is brown with red)

When we were walking again is saw a pool with lots of mallards and one redish duck when I looked very carefully I saw that it was a white-eyed duck.

After a while I heard a sound and it went like this: toktoktoktoktok and I as a birder right away now that that would be a woodpecker so when I finally found the bird with my binoculars I saw that it was a downy woodpecker trying to crack a nut!

On the way out of the zoo we met the giraffes.

Two eastern phoebes and my first least flycatcher were trying to catch the flies that were sitting on the shit of the giraffes.

At the subway Suzan went back to her house and we would come later because papa was looking for something(I had no idea what he was looking for)

But when we went of the subway at the 42nd street I did have an idea and when we went into Toyzarus I knew it, papa was looking for a present for me.

Inside the Toyzarus I was like: “wow! They have everything here”,and it’s a kind of true, they made the Statue Of Liberty out of Lego(!)

But when papa stopped at the boxes with remote-controlled helicopters I was totally happy.

At the Times Square I was amazed by all the digital advertisements on the buildings.

At Suzan’s house we had dinner.

After dinner papa and Suzan surprised me with a birthday cake.

Back at Maxim’s apartment we played golf in the base(with real clubs and real shooting but shooting against a digital screen)

After that I went to bed.

All birds I saw today:

American robin.

Yellow-rumped warbler.    1

Northern cardinal(female).  1

White-eyed duck.                          Witoogeend.            1

Downy woodpecker.            1

Eastern phoebe.                    3

Least flycatcher.                  1

25th of October

As usually I woke up and ate breakfast.

After that we went to see the 9/11 Memorial.

We went into the subway and got out at some place pretty close to the place where the Twin Towers stood.

When we came to the entrance we weren’t the only ones, like two hundred people were waiting to get in!

When we finally came after the security and stuff like that I saw all those names on the memorial and I saw the water falling.

After a while we went to the subway again heading to the central park.

At the central park we first didn’t see any birds at all because of the crowd.

But then all of a sudden a hook-billed kite showed up high above us.

To bad it flew pretty fast so we couldn’t see it that long.

After a while we came out of the (big) crowd.

When we were resting on a rock I saw a red-bellied woodpecker flying and I saw it went in an tree close to us.

I got up and went to look for it while papa was sitting on the rock, but no sign of the woodpecker.

When I was just about to turn around and walk back I saw it flying in an tree even closer to me, so I went to look again but again no sign of the woodpecker.

When I was walking back to papa this was that I was thinking: ” that woodpecker is a master a hiding”!

I saw that same woodpecker flying a few more times, but never against the tree.

When we started walking again a big red-tailed hawk was circling above us, amazing!

When out of the crowd I  went to pee in the bushes and I saw a curios grey catbird coming pretty close to me.

Because of that we sat there for a while hoping it would come back.

Well, I didn’t see it again but because I was standing very still all the time lots of hermit thrushes came very close and weren’t afraid of the sound of my camera at all so I got pictures of them as well but those weren’t the only ones.

I saw two wood thrushes, heard lots of blue jays and I saw one as well and lots of squirrels were looking for nuts.

After that we went towards Suzan’s office.

On the way papa showed me where he used to live.

We we came to Suzan’s office Suzan kept on working for a few minutes.

The reason we went to Suzan’s office was just to pick her up to go to toyzarus to buy my present’s(because I turned one day ago)

At toyzarus I firstly looked at the star wars Lego and the Playmobil but I didn’t see anything like” wow, I really want that”.

When I saw the Lego Technic I knew that I wanted that.

I took a crane and a jeep.

After that we went to a broadway show cold wicked, it was like The wizard of Oz only then different.

Back at Maxim’s apartment I brushed my teeth and went straight to bed.

All birds I saw today:

Hook-billed kite.      1

Red-tailed hawk.     1

Red-bellied woodpecker    2(both flying)

Grey catbird.            1

Hermit thrush.

Wood thrush.            2

Blue jay.                     1


Of course, as usually I woke up, but this time I didn’t have a bagel with chicken chopped liver at Maxim’s apartment.

Because we didn’t have anything so we went outside to look for a breakfast-shop.

In to seconds we found one, the one that papa used to eat in as well when he lived in New York.

We saw them make a lot of salads, that was because at 12:00 to 14:00 before everybody went to work they would swing in and have a fast  breakfast.

When were both done with our breakfast we went to the subway heading to the Guggenheim museum.

At the Guggenheim museum there was a whole line of people waiting to buy a ticket.

When we were finally at the counter we heard that the rotunda was closed.(that’s a bad thing)

I made a deal with papa one day ago that we would go out within two hours, no second(it was an art museum and I don’t like art that much) more I even clocked it.

After the Guggenheim museum we went to the central park and we did not take the subway because the museum was literally next to the park, you only need to cross the road and then you’re in the park.

We saw a group of ruddy ducks at the water as usual.

When walking I all of a sudden saw a downy woodpecker!

It was funny because it went from tree to tree.

Weird enough I didn’t see any dark-eyed juncos, song sparrow nor savannah sparrows.

But instead of that the park was full of golden-crowned kinglets.

Also lots of American robins.

I saw like 6 blue jays, a really weird day in the park, confusing.

When we were walking on a small road lots of curios squirrels came very close to us all standing up and holding their breast.

On an open spot we heard and saw lots of mourning doves flying over and my first brown creeper(in New York)

When we came to another open field we saw a American kestrel showing up from time to time.

Then it went to sit somewhere pretty far away but we were able to see it.

We saw a little golden-crowned kinglet sitting in the grass and it clapped out his wings, it started flying very fast, but missed his prey(to bad)

Before we went to the subway we went to a big group of stores inside one big building because papa was looking for a present for Nuriye.

We went to a clothing store, papa bought some clothes for Nurye and for himself.

On the way to the subway, we came to a beauty shop since papa was stil looking for a present for Nuriye, we asked the women that worked there how to let the bags under your eyed disappear.

So she got something for  papa to try it.

And funny enough it disappeared, but it only works for like a day but papa liked it so he bought it.

At Maxim’s apartment we met his friend cold Zack, the last time I saw him was when I was three.

After I little bit of talking we went to the basement, we picked up our food that we ordered(two big pizzas for them and for me a salad and ravioli)

I ate one bite of the ravioli and the rest I didn’t eat, I found it the worst ravioli ever.

After that we played pool.

When we were done with playing pool we went swimming but we could only use one lane because the other lane was in use already.

After ten minutes another guy came to swim laps so the guy on the side looking if nothing goes wrong said that we were only aloud to swim laps.

Because we didn’t like that we got out.

Back at Maxim’s apartment I read a Donald Duck and went to bed.

All birds we saw today:

Brown creeper.        1

ruddy duck.

Downy woodpecker.  1

Golden-crowned kinglet.

American robin.

Blue jay.                      6

American kestrel.    1

Hermit thrush.

American robin.

27th of October

I woke up very sleepy, but if finally got out of my bed.

To have breakfast we went to a cafe with Maxim.

When we looked outside we saw it was raining(first time since) so we took umbrellas.

We all had a bread with tomato, baked cheese and ham(disgusting)

After breakfast Maxim went to work and we went to the subway.

Papa bought some clothes as a present for Nuriye as I told you,well he returned them because he was thinking she wouldn’t wear them anyway, plus he thought the bottle with let-the-bags-under-your-eyes-disappear stuff in it was good as well.

We were going towards my great grandmothers cemetery.

When my grandparents picked us up we got in traffic and I got carsick.

When we finally arrived at the cemetery it was still raining so we didn’t stay long.

After that we went to have lunch at my grandparents’ house.

We firstly had soup(I forgot which kind) and because I liked it so much I asked for an extra portion.

After that we had tomatoes and cucumber with salt, also delicious.

After a delicious lunch we went heading back to Maxim’s apartment.

At Maxim’s apartment we started packing because we would leave this evening.

All birds we saw today:

European starling.

American robin.



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